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Our comprehensive set of service comprise of:

  • Debt Management Plan

This process involves negotiating with the creditors in order to help you pay off the debt using reasonable methods. Our team would talk to your creditors on your behalf for coming with a better and a coordinated plan for payments.

The method could be:

  • The lessening of the interest or completely doing away with it
  • A reasonable extension of the repayment terms
  • Negotiating to pay only a portion of the debt

The team assigned to you by us would sit and discuss everything from your financial status to the financial obligations. Once that is done, online tools that are availed to you for free would be deployed to see devise a budget plan.

Following which, the creditors would be contacted to discuss with them the devised plan. When the consent and agreement of both the parties are received, a formal creditors proposal would be formulated that would be later submitted in court for approval.

  • This process involves paying off your monthly bills before the due date arrives. This management ensures that you pay all financial obligations on time without leaving any space for debts later.

The team at Debt Negator Ltd. is all equipped with skills to help you pay off the outstanding debts no matter how small or big it is. We believe in starting small so that we can achieve larger goals. Maximizing your profits while doing away with financial liabilities is all that the team works for.